Posted on: January 19, 2008 5:48 am
Edited on: January 19, 2008 5:51 am

The Bar and Grill and other 10 fests.

It seems that CBS has taken another step towards their vision of what this "community" should be.  But what do we, the users, feel it should be or become?  If it is true that a community is a place with a common ownership is it not us, the users, who have the ultimate power to define it?  Of course we have very little power or control in the long run.  CBS could flick a switch tomorrow and all we would see is "web site not found".  But I don't think it would ever go there.  We are many thousands and with every page viewed and link clicked we pay CBS out of someone else's pocket.  For that we need to be thankful.  I've never spent a dime here and yet I've received many hours of enjoyment.  I can't really think of another place like that in my "real" world, someone is always making a buck or two everywhere I go.

While I have not spent much time there lately I used to find fellow insomniacs at a thread called "The Bar and Grill".  It was a place where there was always someone home.  A place where many people knew your name and, to a degree, the real you.  It was a place where you could talk about your favorite team without people jumping down you throat.  Or your favorite band, or your wife and kids, or your car.  Any stupid thing that was on your mind.  People gave each other 10's.  Not for having a great idea or agreeing with them but because it was sort of a rule.  It was a way of saying, " I respect your right to say what you want, even if it was the dumbest thing I have ever heard".  Some people came by because they knew that 10's were given out in large amounts to anyone who was civil to the other people on that thread.  These people saw their CBS reputations grow very quickly, and left.  Others came by because they hated seeing friends getting along and wanted to cause trouble.  Many of the regular posters fought those who came to this place to cause trouble and try to tear it down.  They saw their CBS ratings go into the toilet for their effort.  In my mind they define that thread and this community.

CBS has announced a new "matrix".  One that will reward any rating given as an absolute number to be added up to give a user a grand total that is the basis for their rating here in this community.  I propose that CBS further define this new matrix to automatically void any rating received in any "room" or on any thread where the average rating is deemed as "too high, far above the average".  Do not reward participation in any thread that has members rating each other with constant high scores.  Just toss these out, and let those places be.

I have never met better posters or nicer people than I met at "The Bar and Grill".   Take away any advantage or any risk for spending time there and it will not go away, it will just become a true community, within a larger community, where the only reward for spending time there will be the company of friends.

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